IMG_0030Since our inception in 2003, Core Foundations has been working to give students in the metro Atlanta area an opportunity to take a daily, off-campus elective class, for credit, to investigate and experience the message of Jesus. 

There are five components that need to be firmly in place in order to provide an amazing class experience:

Other highlights of our ministry:

  • Our ministry is unique in that we get these kids almost an hour a day, every day, for 5 days a week.
  • Students sign up for the class as an elective, and receive academic credit.  The classes are held off-campus, and we receive nothing from the school system - no money, resources, oversight, etc.  Parents sign a permission form for their child to participate.
  • Been operating in Gwinnett since 2002, and there are currently 11 CLCs in operation in the county.
  • Core provides oversight for the CLC and works with a local leadership team which runs and guides the program.
  • The CLC is completely funded by donations from churches, individuals, businesses, etc.
  • We offer four classes on a rotating basis: New Testament Survey, Comparative Religions, Stories from the Old Testament, and #LiveFully.
  • The teacher is the most important thing for a successful program.  The teacher is usually someone within the community (many times a youth pastor or pastor), with some bible training and/or significant experiences, who is creative and a good teacher, and works well with youth.  The teacher is paid a stipend of $5000 per semester.
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