Partner Program


Help provide public high school students with an opportunity to take a Bible class as an elective class, and make money doing it through our Partner Program!  

What we would pay you to do:

  • host a party/gathering/dinner/dessert (whatever you want to call it).
  • invite people who would be interested in our ministry (parents of public school students, those who are ministry-minded, influencers and those with financial resources).
  • supply guests with an info card (that we will provide) before the event which gives a brief bit of info about the purpose of the gathering.  We only want people to come who want to be there, and we’re not looking to surprise anyone.
  • collect RSVPs.  (Need to have at least 5 adults attend in order to qualify.)
  • prepare for party (food, music, etc) - we can assist with this if you need us to.
  • Core will make a wonderful presentation at the party.
  • Core will send you a check for at least $100. 
    • If 5-9 people attend, you will receive a check for $100
    • If 10-14 people attend, you will receive a check for $250
    • If 15+ people attend, you will receive a check for $500

If you are interested, contact us through our online contact form.  A Core staff member will contact you by phone to give you more details.  

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